WHMCS Installation & Configuration Services

We are offering 2 types of installation & configuration services.

nstallation & Configuration Services

WHMCS Installation & Configuration

We will install the latest WHMCS version on your website. Guaranteed installation within 3 hrs after you order our service.
Below are the features we will provide with installation and if you have any other minor custom requirement we will provide that free also :

Overview and Benefits

  • Setup of 1 Server.
  • Installation of Software (Permissions & Database).
  • Configuration of Cron Job to Automate Tasks.
  • General & Automation Settings Configuration.
  • Configuration of up to 6 Products/Services.
  • Setup of Domain Registrar & Pricing.
  • Configuration of Requested Payment Gateways.
  • Setup of Support Departments & Email Piping.
  • Rename your WHMCS admin folder name.
  • If you require protective admin folder we will make .htaccess permission on request.
Installation & Configuration – USD $49.00 Only
Completed in 24 hours
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